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We would like to Welcome First Taxi in Beaune, Burgundy.

First Taxi is a taxi company in Chalon and the Burgundy region.

We are available 24h/24 - 7j/7 au 06 68 47 74 14 for any request or booking..

Your requests for taxis are processed immediately.
We offer a quality service throughout the grand Chalon to facilitate the move. First Taxi is also a range of services tailored to your needs transport of letters or parcels, sick sitting, taxi programmable or regular transfer stations, airports ... We provide all your travels: from your hotel, restaurant or cinema, for all your trips, private parties, dinner with friends the day and night ...

Taxi Chalon

Demandez un devis sur notre site ou contactez-nous via notre formulaire de contact
ou directement au 06 68 47 74 14
Bon Voyage à bord de nos taxis.